Troy Shows Up – School Submission / Request Form

Hello Tesla fans, and schools across America! Thank you for helping our school kids live better lives; welcome to Troy Shows Up!
If you know of any community advisors and/or school officials that would be interested in booking “Troy Shows Up” in your high schools, colleges, middle schools, and other venues, please pass along the Troy Shows Up program to your school officials, principals, and/or community leaders to request the “Troy Shows Up” presentation in YOUR schools!
We all look forward to hearing from them soon!
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Learn How it Works!

Is there a charge for the speaking engagement?

There is a booking cost.  The fee is $3,500

Are the speaking engagements only geared for schools?

No, We are open to any type of establishment or venue that is looking for inpiration regarding overcoming addiction, positive approach to life, and ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

How Much notice is required to insure booking?

The required minimum notice is 3 weeks.  There may be an exception depending on the circumstances and what the venue can offer in terms of equipment on site.

How is it determined if Troy is able to speak in my area?

We will be scheduling date based on Troy’s touring with Tesla and if in your area may consider booking while on tour if feasible.

What topics does TroyShowsUp focus on?

The topics discussed is mainly on overcoming life’s challenges and persevering.  By believing in ones purpose and setting up to succeed through physical efforts and a positive belief system. 

Is there a production of music and Troy playing the Drums?

Yes, upon approval of the speaking engagements we will make the necessary arrangements which can be provided by the school and Mr. Luccketta.



Please complete the form with as much information as you are able to.  By completing the form below and providing as much detail as you can, this will ensure that Troy Shows Up will be able to provide you with the necessary provisions to make our visit to your establishment an eventful experience. 

If yes indicate conditions and/or restrictions.

Meet Troy Shows Up Motivational Speaker

Troy Luccketta

Troy Luccketta is well known as the drummer of the band “Tesla”. Troy’s accomplishments have also titled him as an inspirational speaker, producer, teacher, and activist. Troy was born in Lodi, California and moved to Dublin, California where he spent his childhood growing up. According to family sources, even in his early childhood you would find him heading up a group of young fellow potential musicians to come join and play their instruments of choice while he played a rhythm that seemed to come naturally.


Musician - Iinspirational Speaker - Producer

Musician - Iinspirational Speaker - Producer

Today Troy now exerts his passion and energy into promoting a program called “Troy Shows Up”.  Etching his passion as an inspirational speaker and taking a message to youths about overcoming people pleasing and substance addiction by sharing his story.  Troy  will also take this opportunity to open a door to awareness of healthy living, along side with his wife Linda Luccketta, through A Song4Wellness which is their own non-profit  (501(3)(c) foundation. He resides near Nashville, Tennessee and continues to travel throughout the world on tour with the band Tesla.

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